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David Phelps Hi, I'm David Phelps. I am a travel agent working as an independent contractor for Ultimate All-Inclusive Travel. I created this website for many reasons. First, and most importantly to catalogue all the photos I have taken of the resorts that I have visited. Second, to let my clients know a little bit about myself and the travel experience I have. The third reason is to give the facts on resorts and also my honest opinions about the hotels I have visited.

When you are picking a travel agent to help you with your vacation it is important to know who they are, what they stand for, if they do it full time and what their experience is. I never get to speak to some of the people I work with until they call to make their deposit because we correspond while they are at work and cannot talk on the phone. Other people we talk only about their vacation. I want you to know who I am so that we can work towards building a mutually beneficial relationship for years to come

On each resort page you will find pictures that I have taken, a description of what you are seeing in those pictures, a brief fact sheet on the resort, my review of the resort and then the reasons why you would or would not book that specific resort based upon your personality, goals, preferences and taste.

Now that you know what I am trying to accomplish I invite you to explore the website. To my knowledge there is not another travel website that has been designed by a travel agent with the goals I have set. Every review was written by me. Every photo was taken by me. I have seen far more resorts than what is on this site. I just don’t have the time to put them all on here or feel that all resorts are worthy. I hope that you enjoy the information and choose to do business with me now and in the future.

Many people want to see as many photos as they can of a hotel or resort before they commit to booking their vacation. A hotels' website is a good place to go to for photos, however in my experience those pictures are not always a true representation of what you are booking.

I have seen 3 star resorts that have photos to make them look like a 5 star. You can do a lot with camera angles. The first resort I ever went to in Jamaica was a total dump. There was a pier going out from the beach. On one side was the beach and on the other was floating trash. Their beach volleyball court was half way in the water. Weird enough I have seen resorts whose property is much better in person than on their site. How and why that happens I have no clue.

On this site you will only see hotel photos that I have personally taken. I am a travel agent, not a photographer. I have anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to tour each resort depending on the size of the place and if I am having lunch or not. When I am doing site inspections I will do anywhere from 3 to 7 resorts in a single day. I do not have time to wait for the best lighting so if I was at a resort on a rainy day please excuse the dark clouds over head. Trust me they do get sun shine. You will see my reflection in just about every bathroom mirror. With the amount of resorts I have seen I can’t keep going back to update the photos. I am constantly hungry to see new places and new destinations. I do go back and see the resorts I sell the most over and over again but only every couple of year. Not every resort I have been to is going to be on this site. Sometimes I come back from a trip to see these resorts and just don’t have the time to put it up on the site. There are many I have seen that I will not sell. Some of them are on here and you can tell by my review that I am sort of telling you to spend more money to get better quality. I hope you enjoy my site and I hope that you contact me to help you with your vacation plans.



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