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Like many destinations the mention of the destination gives many different thoughts to each person. With the mention of the word Cancun some will think of the many shades of blue and green that make up the water. Others will think of shopping and night life. A segment will think of a budget vacation. Many will think year round spring break. Few will think luxury. The truth is that Cancun is such a versatile destination that your vacation in Cancun is what you make it. It is not spring break year round. Cancun can offer hotels to satisfy the lowest budget to the $1000 + per night ultra luxury all-inclusive resort. Like with every destination the biggest impact on your vacation experience is the hotel you choose. It can make or break your vacation.

The hotel zone of Cancun is shaped like the number "7". On the top/north side the waves are very calm. On the long/east side the waves are six inches to a foot tall on average. A day of high winds can bring bigger waves. Pay attention to the flags on the beach to let you know how safe it is to enter the water. In the middle of that number "7" aka the west/south south side is a lagoon. You cannot swim in the lagoon. There are crocodiles. For the most part the Caribbean side of the street is lined with hotels. On the other side of the street there are shopping malls, restaurants, bars, night clubs and marinas. There is some cross over but not too much. Where the hotel zone comes to point is called Punta Cancun. This is where you will find the convention center and the majority of the shopping and night life. There is a bus system that runs through the hotel zone almost 24 hours a day. It is 6.5 pesos per passenger. That is good for one ride and equals about $0.65 USD. The bus is a very safe way to travel. It is the main form of transportation in the hotel zone and downtown. Be careful not to stay on the bus too long. You may end up in downtown on accident. Down town is safe but very easy to get lost in.

Cancun is a true paradise in the many senses of the word. For those with a love of the water, Cancun has some of the most beautiful water offered in the Caribbean. From your hotel you can see many shades of blue and green. From a boat or ferry it is even better. Shopping in the hotel zone ranges from flea market style shops to luxury stores from the world's top designers. All those looking to shop will find something they like.

Dinning in Cancun ranges from Mc Donald's to Ruth Chris with many unique places in between. There are many options on each level for each type of cuisine. If you are looking for something that is gourmet and off the beaten path let me know and I will set up some transportation for you and a dinner reservation at what I think is the best place in town.

Cancun offers two golf courses Pok ta Pok is on the north side of the hotel zone and the Hilton is on the east side. I am not a golfer but from what people tell me these are not the best courses. For the best courses around you will have to go to the Riviera Maya.

Cancun offers excursions galore. There are cultural excursions like the Mayan Encounter, the bull fighting ring and the night show at Xcaret ( There are many marinas in Cancun and the Riviera Maya for water sports. There are eco excursions like the Maya Zipline, Xel-ha (, Sikaan Eco Reseserve. There are night time cruises that range from romantic to family to party. Cancun is also a destination for those who are history buffs. Small groupings of Mayan Ruins can be found throught the hotel zone and the Riviera Maya. You can take tous of the ruins of many Mayan cities such as Chichen-Itza, Tulum, and Coba. So whatever you are into, Cancun has it for you.

Transportation from the airport to your hotel is included with all the packages I sell in Cancun. It is on a shared basis where you will be in either a 10 passenger van or a 55 passenger bus. The vehicle will make no more than three stops. I can upgrade this to non-stop for a small fee. That means it will still be on a shared basis but you will be the first to be dropped off and the last to be picked up. The next upgrade is private which usually is in a Dodge Stratus depending on availability and the size of your party. After that I have Lincoln Towncar limos that seat up to 4 and Lincoln Navigator Limos that seat up to 8. If you are interested in an upgrade please ask me for a price quote.

Finding your transportation can be confusing to some people. I suggest that you print off this section on this page if you are traveling to Cancun. It can make things much easier for you. Upon arrival in Cancun you have to go to immigration, baggage claim, customs and finally security. After you have done this you need to make your way out of the airport. You should not talk to anyone after security until you have fully exited the airport. There are time share people that will promise you the world. Trust me these guys will eat their young to get your money. They may pose as your transportation company. Immediately upon exiting the airport is where the transportation that is included in your package. If anyone offers you a ride inside the airport just keep walking. There is no point in even acknowledging they are there. For the most part I use the following transportation companies in Cancun.

1. If your vacation is booked with Fun Jet Vacations or Spirit Airlines Vacations your transportation is with Lomas Travel. These guys will be holding up a Fun Jet Vacations sign with their logo. They will be wearing a turquoise shirt, white pants, white tie, and white shoes. All the upgrades I mentioned above are with Lomas Travel. If you get a limo then they will be holding a sign with your name on it.

2. If your vacation is booked with Future Vacations or Delta Vacations your transportation is with Best Day Tours. They will be holding a sign that says Best Day. They will be wearing a white shirt and blue pants.

3. If your vacation is booked with GOGO Worldwide Vacations your transportation is with Olympus Tours. They will be holding up a sign that says Best Day and will be wearing an orange shirt.

4. If your vacation is booked with Apple Vacations you will be with none other than Apple Vacations. They will be holding up an Apple Vacations sign. They will be wearing a colorful shirt that has flowers on it.

Many people ask me about night life in Cancun. I have not been to all of the clubs in the hotel zone but I have been to most of them. Depending on the time of the year the cover costs can run from $25 to $50 per person. Once you get in all your liquor is included but your tips are not. I do advise people to stay away from the shot girls that are going around with a bottle and a shot glass around their neck. That does cost extra and you do not know what is in it. I will provide a brief description on each of the clubs I have been to as a miniature night life guide.

The City- Hands down this is the largest club in Cancun. If a big name performer is in town this is where they will be at. The place is 3 stories tall with two of them being balconies. On the ground floor is it mostly dance floor with two elevated platforms for those who like to be in the center of attention. The ground floor also has a stage, 2 cash bars, and a couple of tables. The balconies each have bars that are on the all inclusive plan. Music here ranges from hip hop/R&B to dance to techno. Daddy'O- One of my personal favorite places to go to. The music here is pure dance music. There will be R&B, pop and techno all mixed together. Their dance floor is a rotating dance floor so keep track of where you got on or it may take a bit longer than you thought to find your friends.

Daddy Rock- If you like live rock music this is the place for you. You will not find too much space for dancing here it consists mostly of tables. Many times you will find that for an extra $5 your entrance into Daddy O will be included and vise versa.

Senor Frogs- This may very well be the most famous of all the clubs in Cancun. They play all types of music from rock to hip hop to pop to R&B to techno. They will have contests on stage where the looser has to climb the ladder of shame. The ladder of shame leads to a water slide that spits you out into a safe area in the lagoon. This place has a decent amount of dancing area and a number of tables.

Coco Bongo- Probably the second most popular club in Cancun. I think of this place as the club for the 35 and older crowd. There is not much space for dancing. It is mostly tables. Their motto is "Where the night club meets Vegas style entertainment". They will have a couple of songs and then have a show. They have many different shows. Most of them are dance routines with impersonators of a musician or a scene in a movie.

Time Shares are big business in Cancun and the Rivera Maya. About 40% of all hotel rooms are exclusively for time share guests. Some resorts are only for time shares. I urge you not to talk to these people. They are trained to keep you in front of them listening to their presentation. They will promise you gifts just for attending their presentation for one hour. This hour is usually more like two or three hours. I have friends that are time share sales people. All of them know that their product is a scam and the tactics they use are shady. The sales people are commission based without a chance of a repeat client. They will tell you what ever they need to tell you in order to get the sale. The best line I have heard to get rid of time share people was from a honeymoon client. He told the sales person that he stocked shelves at Wal-Mart, his wife was a cashier at a grocery store and her parents paid for the honeymoon. That line is not going to work for everyone. Some resorts will call your room repeatedly. If you have already told them no and they call back call the front desk and ask to speak to a manager and tell them that you no longer want to be harassed. Some of the resorts I work with will allow me to take you off the time share call list. Others will not allow me to do this and I try my best not to sell them. Bottom line is you have worked hard for this vacation. Not only for the money you have spent but also the time we have invested making sure the package you have booked is what you want. Do not spend your time on vacation listening to a scam artist rather than doing the things you wanted to do when you planned the vacation.


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