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Jamaica is a destination that mistakenly has a bad reputation for tourism. Many people do not want to visit Jamaica because they have heard it is not safe. This is not true. The reason people do not feel safe is because in certain areas sales people can be pushy. This is especially prevalent amongst cruise passengers. At the port of Ocho Rios thousands of people arrive every week and people are just trying to get their part of what tourist are going to spend on the island. Where this is true for cruise passengers it is not for the rest of the island. You will not have any problems in any of the resort areas. Having spent over three weeks in Jamaica I have never felt that my safety was in danger. There are three things that make a vacation to Jamaica great. They are its people, its landscape and its cuisine.

The Jamaican people are big part of what makes a vacation to Jamaica so great. The people are all very happy, very help full and very laid back. Their life style is very different than that of Americans. As Americans we feel as though we are in a hurry to get everything done. Jamaicans live their life at a much slower and relaxed pace. You may find that after a vacation to Jamaica you will be living your life, at least for a short period of time, on island time and every situation that comes to you will be "no problem mon".

The landscape of Jamaica is another aspect that makes Jamaica great. Jamaica is full of hills, rivers and cliffs. In the hills to the far east is where the best coffee in the world is grown, Blue Mountain Coffee. If you are a coffee lover or know one, be sure to bring some of this back with you. The rivers allow for some interesting boat rides through the country side. A mountain steam is what makes up Dunns River Falls which is the most famous tourist site in Jamaica and also located in Ocho Rios. There you walk along the falls to where it meets the ocean. From there you can climb up it on your own or be part of the human chain. I prefer to do it alone so that you can stop at certain points to get what is called a "Jamaican Message". This is where you sit under one of the larger falls and let the water beat down on your body. The cliffs of Jamaica are primarily located in Negril. There are two popular spots in Negril to go cliff jumping. They are Pirates Cave and Rick's Café. Both are a lot of fun. Thee you can sit bit the bar or get a table and enjoy the sunset. Both have full menus if you are in the mood for some local dishes. Between these two spots you can jump from 20 to 35 feet. If you can build up the nerve it is very fun, if you can't then you can enjoy watching other people do it.

The Cuisine of Jamaica is the final thing that makes it a great place to visit. As soon as you step out of the arrival terminal in Montego Bay if you look to your right there is a stand selling Tastee Patties. Tastee is a brand on Jamaica patties. This is snack that is unique to Jamaica. It is a like a flat hot pocket that is filled with either chicken, beef or vegetable. They cost about $1.50. You should defiantly try one. Once you get to the resort or go to town you can find Jerk. Jerk is a spice native to Jamaica. It is used on chicken, beef, pork, sausage, fish and vegetables. This makes for some very unique dishes. In town you will be able to find jerk spices and bbq sauce. Be sure to stock up on that if you enjoy jerk food. Walkers Wood is the most popular of all the brands.

Jamaica is divided up into three resort areas. They are Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios. Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica. In most cases you can walk off your resort in find shops, bars and night life. Negril is about 90 minutes south of Montego Bay. Negril is famous for its cliffs and 7 mile beach which is lined with resorts. Ocho Rios is about 90 minutes east of Montego Bay. It is famous for Dunn's Diver Falls, Dolphins Cove, and it's cruise port.

Transportation Upon arrival in Montego Bay you will need to collect your baggage, proceed through immigration and then to customs. After customs you will walk through a small hallway. At the end of that hall way you will be greeted by two representatives of the Jamaican Tourist Board. They will ask you how you booked your vacation and where you are going to. This helps them determine where to send you for your transportation. At the end of this hallway you will be in a big square room. In that square room you will find all the lounges for the different resorts and transportation companies. Hotel chains that have lounges include Couples, Sandals, Super Clubs, Sun Set, and a couple of others. In the middle of this room are desks for the different transportation companies. Each of them with have their name and the name of the tour operator they work with. If you are booked with a resort that has a lounge you should go there. If not then you should go to your transportation company.


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