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Warning About Time Shares
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Time Shares are not for everybody. For some people they work because they plan on taking the same vacation every year for the next X number of years. Other time shares work on a point system where you are getting a certain number of points that can be used for travel at the resort you are staying at and the program it is a part of. The bottom line is time shares are a scam because of the way they are sold and the people that sell them.

The first person you meet that is trying to sell a time share for the most part play dumb in telling you about the program. A lot of the answers that you ask go unanswered because the person says he/she doesn't know the answer when really he/she does. Their goal is to inform you a little bit and wear you down. Then they pass you on to another person who has some answers. Then they pass you on to a person who can really negotiate the deal because it is all negotiation. Then you get passed to a "lawyer" who is looking out for your interests and making sure you understand the contract. The truth is all of these people know the answers to the questions you have and they pass you from person to person to wear you down and get you to make a quick uneducated decision.

Every time share is different but that is generally the way they are set up. Every person that you have talked to has a commission to make from you buying and the bigger your deposit the bigger percentage of commission they get. So their program is designed for them to try and get as much money out of you in the long term and the short term in order for them to make money. This makes it a breeding ground for sleezy sales tactics. They will tell you anything to get you to buy a package. I once had a client that was sold one on the premise that she could use it to come back and her family could use all the weeks of her time share to attend her gay marriage. Well the marriage could not be performed at the resort wouldn't allow it. I by miracle was able to get her money back and sell her a vacation.

Time share sales people have many faces. In Cancun and other popular Mexican beach vacation destinations they are at the airport and have an area designed for them. They are easy to spot. There are other people in the airport that are not as easy to spot. These people will offer you a ride to your hotel posing as your transportation company. DO NOT SHOW ANYONE YOUR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS UNLESS THEY PRESENT THEMSELVES AS A PROVIDER OF THE SERVICE UP FRONT. On my destination pages I have descriptions of the transportation companies so that you do not have this issue.

Once at the resort they may be called "Vacation Club". This is the same thing. I have heard at some resorts people being sent to them immediately after check in. Then one of the "employees of the hotel" (really a time share sales person not employed by the hotel) will invite you to breakfast. This is the first level of their sales tactic which is to be your friend. Then the musical chairs will start. Real resort employees will not invite you to breakfast, lunch or dinner. They do want to be your friend because they want you to have a good time.

In some resorts they will slip notes under your door or call you on the phone. Just tell them you are not interested. If this continues to be a problem call me or e-mail me with the person(s) name and I will call the resorts sales manager and have it stopped. It shouldn't ever come to this. Most of the resorts I sell that do offer time shares allow me to take you off their call list. Those that do not allow me to do so (or do not have the power to stop the time share sales people) will leave you alone as soon as you say you are not interested.


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