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Anse Chastanet
(St. Lucia)
P O Box 7000, Soufriere, Saint Lucia
Web Site: http://www.ansechastanet
Rooms: 49 Year Built: 1968
Floors: 0 Last Renovated: 2003
Pools: 0 Restaurants: 4
Room Service: Yes    
Kids Club: no
Included: Many different plans

As I mentioned in my intro to St. Lucia, not every resort is for everyone. This is one of those very unique resorts that is not for every traveler. If you have to have air conditioning, TV and a swim up bar this resort is not for you. If you are still interested in a truly amazing place that is one of the top resorts in the world, then keep reading.

Anse Chastanet is a small 49 room resort located on a hillside. The walk from beach to lobby can be a bit tiresome after a couple of days or after a big meal. Not to worry a driver in a van can take you to the lobby or your room at any time. From the lobby to the hillside rooms it is a pretty steep incline. Your calves will get a work out at this resort. Anse Chastanet has very few rooms that have air conditioning and none have tvs. This is the type of resort you turn your phone off or at least turn it into just a phone. Some people would ask how do you sleep at night without air conditioning? Very comfortably!! You have a mosquito net around your bed which is very sexy. It is not like that old Travelocy commercial where the couple wakes up in the middle of the night and their net is covered in

mosquitoes, grass hopers locus and God knows what. I spent three nights at this resort and didn’t have a problem other than the first night when a mosquito was stuck in the net with me. He had no choice but to bite me. So here is some advise. They give you incense to burn to get rid of mosquitoes. Burn that by the bed when you go to dinner. Spray yourself with repellent before you go to bed. You should be fine. As far as the temperature goes it is fine. The nightly temperatures are in the mid 70’s year round. There is a constant breeze because you are on a hillside on the coast.

Still reading….great!!! This place is about to get awesome. The views from the rooms are amazing. I had a premium hillside room which is their highest category. I had two ocean views and a view of both of the Pitons. The ocean view was divided by a mountain in the middle. The shower had a view of the ocean. The rooms are very spacious with very cool island décor. They had an artist that did the paintings though out the resort. Not a bad job, stay and play for free while you decorate the place. In the construction of the resort they tried their best not to cut down any trees that they didn’t have to. As a result, there is a room that has a tree growing though the bathroom. So in most of the rooms most of the walls are pretty much not there. The walls have shutters to let the sunlight, view and wind in the room. It is a very cool back to nature feeling. Your balcony is huge and you have 100% privacy all the time. You can see down and out but no one can see in.

When I checked in I was met by the sales manager. He told me a little bit about the history of the resort. How the owner bought the land for crazy cheap way back in the day and told everyone that the pitons were right there. All the locals though he was crazy because the Pitons were on the other side of the city but he was right, the view of the pitons was there. He then told me about the top 5 things people like to experience at the resort. They were the spa, the scuba, the cruise, the jungle biking and the burger. Not necessarily in that order. He was going to give them all to me. So I got my spa treatment that night. It was amazing. I am not a spa guy but it felt really good considering I had been running my body to it’s limits with work and play the last couple of days. The next morning was the scuba diving. I did a shore dive which was one of my top dives ever and then I did Superman’s flight which was just around the corner on the other side of Soufriere. Let me stop here. You have a buffet of snorkeling at this resort. You can see 300 different type of fish and marine life with in 50 feet of the shore. This is what made the shore dive so awesome. Also on the way to the second dive site we dropped some guests off in Soufriere for shopping which was included for them and we picked them up an hour and a half later once the dive was done. How cool is that? So back to the top 5. Next was the burger. The burger was located on Anse Mamin beach which is a 10 minute walk or a 3 minute boat ride. It is part of the land the owner bought way back in the day. They have a beach over there that is really nice and very very hard to get to. The only way is by boat or thought Anse Chastanet or though the jungle. Trust me no one is coming though that jungle. There is a guy making burgers with johnny cakes as the buns. His grill is a huge old cast iron tank that was used in the production of molasses some 200 years ago right there at Anse Mamin. This same grill is located in Asian restaurant by the beach at Anse Chastanet. So he has raw Johnny Cake dough; local, hormone free Angus ground beef, an awesome portabella mushroom and onion mix and a couple of other ingredients. I do not like mushrooms but he said that was the way to go so that was the way I went. I was told this was to be the best burger I would ever have. I thought that was a tall order but it did not disappoint. Something about the freshness of everything. The bun was cooked on the grill along with the meat. The mushroom mix was awesome and then there was the ever so local and unique to St. Lucia, banana ketchup. Yes I said banana ketchup. The burger was amazing no doubt. Then I took an hour long nap on the beach and then went Jungle biking. We had a guide to take use around the main track. He had a couple of stops in different areas to talk about the historical significance of the history of the immediate area as there are a couple of ruins from the 1600's. There were a couple of stops just to try the fruit growing from the trees. Here I ate the first grapefruit that I actually liked. It was different than any other grapefruit and it was awesome. There are three trails of varying difficulty right there. I would have done one of them but I had to get ready for the cruise. So one more cool lap around and off I had to go to get ready for the evening. The cruise consisted of a band playing various different types of music. There was a crew of 2 bar tenders and waiter. They had hor d'oeuvres going around every 20 minutes or so. They had a St. Lucian punch, the local Piton beer which is amazing and many other drinks. You name it they had it. So cruise lasted about 3 hours. Everyone was sober to start off with but by the time the sun went down we were drunk. We were dancing and having a good ol time till the music stopped and Michael Nolan’s Batman theme started playing. We had come to a stop and they put a spot light on a cave along side the mountain. There were crazy amounts of bats. We all checked that out for a minute and then someone yelled out “Hey DJ, bring that beat back.” The captain took off and we went back to dancing. A great time was had by all. So there, I was done with the top five all in two days. I was loose, well fed, fully entertained, drunk and worn out. Scuba diving, jungle biking and booze cruising and burger tasting all in one day is a tough job but some one has to do it. I still had to have dinner so let me tell you about that.

The food at this place is out of this world. I felt like I was in a Man vs. Food episode. Everything in every meal was so good that I just wanted more and more and more. I have been to a lot of really good resorts and been wined and dined by many of them to show me what they have to offer. This was nothing special for them. This was their everyday menu. There is the burger I mentored earlier that was among the best burgers I have ever had. Then for breakfast they had those same Johnny cakes that was the bun as the bread on a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. This did not disappoint. Best bacon egg cheese I have ever had hands down. There is a theme here. I am in love with Johnny cakes. I remember the Asian restaurant being really good and eating past the time it hurt but I can’t remember what I had as I was pretty drunk from the booze cruise. They have a vegetarian restaurant there and I was looking forward to that the least as I like some meat on my plate. Boy was I wrong. That potato gnocchi was legendary. I mean if the people on death row knew what was up this is what they would be asking for. Each bite was soooo good and half way though I could not eat any more but I powered thought it to kill off another 25%. I should have gotten a to go box and hit it up an hour later. Next time…

I can not say enough good things about this resort. The only thing they are missing is a pool. However, you have two awesome beaches. The first one, in front of the resort is a black sand beach. You take five steps in the water and you are already in past your waist. It goes down that fast and that is what makes it so great for snorkeling. Also the fact there is a coral reef on the left side of the resort. How do you get a black sand beach? Well there is a volcano near by. That is how. The other is Anse Mamin which is a nice white powder. This one is much longer than Anse Chastanet. Both are very laid back and cry out for you to just doze off. Both have chairs and hammocks and plenty of shade.

There are many ways to book this resort. There is the EP plan which is just room and taxes. Then there are various meal plans. I was on the breakfast and dinner plan. If you are on either of these plans you can stop by a store and pick up things to stock up your mini fridge which is bigger than your average mini fridge. It is about a third the size of your normal fridge at home. Definitely big enough to fill up at night with enough drinks to throw a party with the next day. Then there is their all-inclusive plan which of course is all meals and drinks by the glass. They have a couple of other packages on their website. What I have always sold is their total romance package. The inclusions of this are the all inclusive plan, a message, jungle biking, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, much much more and the following tours volcano, Sulphur springs, diamond mineral baths, Anse Mamin. The cost of this ranged from $4788 in a superior room for 5 nights to $7800 for a premium room for 7 nights. It is worth every penny and will be all you need. The only things I can think of that you might want to add are the Gros Piton hike, more spa, and more scuba. Really the inclusions of that are going to keep you pretty busy as is.

Reasons why you would book this resort: You are looking for a resort that is truly unique. You are looking for a very relaxing resort that has a lot of activity for you to do as well. You want top notch food and service with a very upscale not over the top island atmosphere. You are ok with gaining weight from food you will want the recipe to.

Reasons why you would not book this resort: You have to have the AC. (AC only available in beachfront rooms). You have to have a TV. You need a resort that is more easily accessible without as many stairs or steep inclines. You want a more social resort with swim up bar. You are going to stay at their sister resort Jade Mountain which takes the accommodation and service to a whole other level.


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