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Jade Mountain
(St. Lucia)
123 Easy Street, soufriere, Saint Lucia
Web Site:
Rooms: 24 Year Built: 2007
Floors: 7 Last Renovated:
Pools: 0 Restaurants: 1
Room Service: Yes    
Kids Club: no
Included: Different meals plans

Jade Mountain is the sister resort to Anse Chastanet. It was built and is owned by the same family. It is an extension sort to say of Anse Chastanet. Guests of Jade Mountain have full use of the facilities of Anse Chastanet. So if you are interested in staying here go and read my review on that resort after you read this one.

If you are at Anse Chastanet and keep walking up the mountain you will be at Jade Mountain. Jade mountain is a resort with no rooms. They do however have 24 sanctuaries. They only common facilities they have is a restaurant/bar which few people use and a lounge on top of that perfect for star gazing. Your sanctuary is your vacation. I was told that at the time of my site inspection the record for a guest not leaving their sanctuary was 5 days. In your Jade Mountain sanctuary there are all the things you would expect from a normal hotel room like a bed, a bath, a shower, a toilet, a closet and dressers. No 2 sanctuaries are the same. Most have infinity pools that range from 450 sq ft to 900 sq ft. The infinity pools at this resort are so impressive swim suite calendars have done shoots here.

Looking at the photos you do not know if you should be looking at the model or the view. Not one sanctuary has air conditioning. The reason for this is to open you up to the view. The whole point of the resort and it's location which is to be an observation point of the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. Some rooms have ocean views from the toilet. You could be sitting on the toilet which is the highest point in the room yet still private from your partner in the room and have a better view of the ocean than some resorts have in their best room from their balcony. This was very impressive. There is just no way to truly describe with words how awesome these sanctuaries are.

Earlier I mentioned that not many people use the restaurant and bar. So what about your meals? Well you have a dining room table for two in your sanctuary. You have a cell phone that has two numbers, the front desk and your butler. Your butler is going to get to know you very well. He will be serving you all your meals, drinks, arranging hours for housekeeping, setting up anything that you want to do off the resort or down at Anse Chastanet. The menu for lunch has a new featured item every day. The dinner menu changes nightly. This is a totally unique concept that I have not seen anywhere. It is perfect for honeymooners and those that just can’t keep their hands off each other. Granted you do not have to stay in your room. The island has a lot to offer and so does Anse Chastanet. Just have your butler call you a ride to take you down to Anse Chastanet or talk to you about what you can do off property.

There are different meal plans here just like at Anse Chastanet. Seeing how dinner is $100 per person I would say go all inclusive. Better yet go total romance unless you plan on trying to break the number of consecutive days in your room. They also have a breakfast and dinner plan, a breakfast plan, a breakfast lunch and dinner plan. Another really cool option is yin and yang. Yin and Yang is a couple of nights at Anse Chastanet and a couple at Jade Mountain. You can combine which ever room you want at each place and any number of nights. It is just a cool way to get the whole experience, have the awesome room but save a lot of money doing it as the 7 night total romance package ranges from $13k to $30k depending on which sanctuary you book and the time of year that you travel. Anse Chastanet is much less expensive but not cheap by any means.

Reasons why you would book this resort: You are looking for a rooms that off the charts awesome. You are looking for a resort that will offer you a great amount of privacy. You are looking to disconnect from society.

Reasons why you would not book this resort: You have to have air conditioning. You have to have a TV. You have to be beach front. You are looking for a place that is more social. You are looking for a place with a lot of entertainment options.


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