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The Body Holiday
(St. Lucia)
Cariblue Beach, Cap Estate, P O Box 4379 , Sactries, Saint Lucia
Web Site:
Rooms: 155 Year Built: 1972
Floors: 4 Last Renovated: 2015
Pools: 3 Restaurants: 4
Room Service: Yes    
Kids Club: no
Included: All meals, drinks, tips, taxes, non motorized water sports, 50 minute message per guest per full day at resort, endless classes on different forms of exercise, obstacle course, daily activities and nightly entertainment.

The name of this resort really says it all but there is so much more. Their motto is “give us your body for a week and we will give you back your mind”. This is so true. The concept of this resort is like nothing I have ever seen before. It has a spa and wellness center like nothing out there. When I hear another resort say they have the best spa in the Caribbean I laugh at them. No seriously that happen in Jamaica but I will not put the name of that resort in print. I saw their spa and I agree it was nice but nothing out there compares to this resort. You might have to go to one of those Hollywood drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers to rival the Body Holiday. This difference is this resort is not full of addicts. It is full of people that are healthy in mind and body looking to give their body a tune up and their mind a release. So follow me on a little bit of a tour of what they can do.

Let’s start with the spa and wellness center. Frist off they do not have personal trainers, masseuse, or therapist. They have body guards with different specialties. The spa has 60 treatment rooms. That is not a type-o. They have 155 guest rooms. That puts for a guest capacity of 310. Each and every guest at the resort has a 50-minute message included per full day at the resort. So the day of arrival and departure do not count. Every other day you are there you got it. So they need and get full use of each and every one of those treatment rooms. So think about it. If each spa body guard works on 4 people a day that is a 1:4 spa employee to guest ratio when you figure in the day of arrival and departure. Once you add in all the other trainers, waiters, bartenders, cooks, grounds keepers, management, office staff you are looking at (I am going to guess) a 2 employees to every possible guest. You do not find that in other resorts. So back to the spa. They have more than just your standard messages that you find everywhere or something similar everywhere. They have a skin care clinic that can do Botox style treatments without using Botox. They have anti-aging treatments that do not involve needles and last longer than Botox. They have a doctor on site with all kinds of tools. They can do 3D heart imaging. They can order tests prior to travel and you have a consultation while there. I am not a spa guy or very educated in health. I can say that due to my profession I have been in well over 200 spas in Mexico and the Caribbean. This was the most impressive of them all and they blew my mind with what they can do. Their spa/wellness facility is bigger than some resorts that I have seen.

So that is the getting relaxed and getting healthy part of it. They also have the opposite side of that coin. They can get your blood flowing. They have a gym with its resident body guard ready to talk to you about your goals and help you build a workout program to get you where you want to be. They have a yoga studio where they hold a wide variety of classes. Every month they have a special guest trainer. While I was there it was a person that was on the English swim team in the 2012 games. Where else in the world can you rub elbows and work out with an Olympic athlete.

For all you ninja warriors out there the Body Holiday has it is own obstacle course. It is a jogging path that goes through the entire resort and you will get to different stations and have a different obstacle to complete. It is nothing on the scale of American Ninja Warrior but will definitely help you keep up your training. This is something I have never seen before. The attention to detail at this resort is second to none. Just days before my arrival a storm had come though and washed away most of their beach. It was a bit harder for me to get to the resort than usual due to the traffic of dump trucks brining in sand. Every guest will have the same experience from the facilities and the staff every time unless they improve on themselves or you choose to have a different experience on your subsequent visits.

Speaking of improving on themselves while I was there they were renovating their rooms. Each room was being upgraded to include new beds, décor, and an Ipad. The Ipad is loaded with apps for you to learn about the resort, what is going on, housekeeping preferences, book spa treatments, book excursions, order room service and so on. They have blue tooth Bose speakers in the ceiling. How cool is that?

I had the pleasure to catch their lunch buffet just as it was about to close down. That was the only restaurant open at the time. It was a small buffet that made small portions. It wasn’t some 8 by 13 inch casserole that you see at other places. It was more like family style portions to insure that the food was fresh and not sitting around under a heat lamp for an hour or so. What I took away from it was the food was delicious and they had baklava with quality that rivaled that of what I had when I was a kid living in Pakistan. The stuff I have found in the US at Greek and Turkish restaurants just doesn’t really cut it for me. Call me spoiled but the Body Holiday measured up on something as minute as baklava and I was able to notice that in just a 2 hour tour and lunch. Imagine how they will blow your mind on your second, third, fourth and fifth day there?

Reasons to book this resort: You are looking for a spa vacation. You are looking to get full benefits of their “body guards” and learn how to extend your life span though healthy diet and proper exercise. You want luxury accommodation healthy food and great service.

Reasons to not book this resort: You are not looking for a spa and wellness vacation. You are planning on staying at their sister resort Rendezvous.


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