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Viceroy Sugar Beach
(St. Lucia)
Val des Pitons, Soufriere, Saint Lucia
Web Site:
Rooms: 112 Year Built: 1992
Floors: 2 Last Renovated: 2014
Pools: 1 Restaurants: 3
Room Service: Yes    
Kids Club: YES
Included: Depends on the meal plan you get.

There is so much to say about this resort that is truly impressive that I do not know where to start. I guess it would be the location as that is very important. The resort is located at the base of the potions. When you are out at the beach the just jet up on both sides. It is truly amazing to see them from that angle and how steep they go up. You are just minutes away from the town of Soufree and the volcano. This is the only luxury resort in the area to offer normal resort amenities like air conditioning and a TV in every room/villa/house. It is also beachfront and the resort grounds to not slope. The only other resort in the area that is beach front is Anse Chastanet but that one does not have a pool and most of that resort is up on a steep hillside. So there really is no other resort like this one on the island due to location and amenities.

The uniqueness of the resort does not stop there. The spa is something out of this world. To enter the spa you have to go down this tunnel where the floor is stone and the walls and ceiling are made of wood. This is going to get you ready for what is about to come. What is about to come is the most intricate maze of pathways to tree houses you have ever seen. It is like what you would find in the forest if a 10 year old had a degree in architecture and the means to build it. Each treatment room is elevated off the rain forest floor, some up to three stories off the ground. The steam room is not your normal steam room. It is a concrete and stone building in the rain forest that is more like a temzcal of the Mayan tradition. It is a huge room for many people to experience it at the same time. It is not like a steam shower at most places.

This resort is very spread out. There is a main building that houses most of the common facilities. Everywhere you look you see art work that is just not what you normally find at a resort. It is more like what you would find at someone’s house if they had really good taste and a lot of time to go and find it all. I found myself one time after another in a very beautiful room just amazed by what was hanging on the wall. In my time I have been to some really cool places and I would put the walls of this place as interesting as those at a Hard Rock Resort but the art here is totally different. You will just have to see my pics to understand. There is no place on this resort that is “ordinary”. You will find yourself just walking around and looking at the walls yourself. It is part resort part museum.

Even getting around the resort is out of the ordinary. Again, it is hard to explain it. It is a motorized three row tricycle that seats 5 including the driver but it is like it was made by one of those custom car shops you see on TV. The thing is self is a work of art. I felt like just looking at it I wanted a tour of it by the designer. They have a couple of them. You need one? Just call and get one. A very nice guy, who has one of the best jobs in the world, will come by and pick you up and take you where you would like to go.

Sugar Beach is a villa resort with a home ownership program. Some of these multimillion dollar homes/villas are owned by celebrities. The resort built them and manages them. Matt Damon may or may not have rented out the whole place for his wedding. There are quite a few pics of Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton. That leads you to believe that they may own a residence or two here. When you stay in some of the villas and houses you never know if you might be sleeping in a celebrity’s bed.

All types of accommodation come with butler service. They issue you a very simple cell phone to reach your butler to have whatever you need done taken care of. There is also an iPad in every room that has all kinds of information about the resort and destination. Things from what is going on throughout the day to dinner menus and so on. Most villas and all houses have their own plunge pool. Their sugar mill rooms are for two people. The villas and houses can go up to 8 adults or 4 adults and 4 kids.

The atmosphere is like that of just about everything I have seen on the island is that of a very laid back place where you can decompress. They are many bars, lounges and restaurants scattered though out the resort. Each one a bit different from the next. In all you are surrounded by works of art. There is a pretty cool kids club as well. It has games like you would see in an arcade like pin ball, basketball, skee-ball, foosball, ping pong and pool. There is also a theater and play room with games and computers. At the entrance there is a miniature replica of a WWI British fighter plane that you kid can sit in and pedal where the wheels are. It is really cool looking and definitely a good photo opportunity.

The name of the resort describes the beach perfectly. It is a very nice white powder with plenty of rows of beach loungers for guests. The water is very calm as the beach is protected on both sides but a piton. The main pool is not the biggest pool I have seen but this resort does not need a big pool because most villas and all houses come with their own pool.

Reasons why you would book this resort: You are looking for a very laid back very upscale resort with a great location. You are looking for accommodations that could fit the whole family or a small reunion.

Reasons why you would not book this resort: You are looking for an adults only resort. You are looking for a resort with a swim up bar and more lively atmosphere.


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