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Playa Mujeres

Puerto Vallarta

Punta Cana

Riviera Maya, Mexico

St. Lucia

Write a Review Discount

Send me a photo of you on a vacation that you booked with me and a review and you will get $25 off your next vacation. The review can be about me, about the resort or about the destination you visited.

Refer a Friend Discount

For every friend, family member, or co worker you refer to me that books a vacation you recieve a discount on your next trip. The amount of the discount is based upon the amount of the trip your friend, family member or co worker booked.

Repeat Client Discount

Recieve a discount on every other vacation you book with me. If I did not have to discount your vacation the fist time around you will get a discount or gift from me the second time around. Amount of discount or value of gift varies on a case by case basis and is determined by the amount spent on the two vacations.


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